Demountable design ceiling wins German Design Award

Troldtekt tiles T24 provide an elegant acoustic ceiling that you can easily install and remove without tools or screws. It's also available in a variant based on carbon-reduced cement – and that variant has now been named a winner of a German Design Award 2024.


Already before its launch, the Troldtekt tiles T24 design ceiling won a prestigious German Design Award 2024. The jury declared the product as the winner in the Excellent Product Design – Building and Elements category.

We are highly honoured to win a German Design Award. This is an award we have received before for our other design solutions, and we therefore know it will make a deep impression on architects and professional developers in particular," says Michael Heeager Nystrup, CEO of Troldtekt A/S.

Choosing Troldtekt tiles T24 allows you to create a room with great acoustics and a distinctive design. You also get a suspended and fully removable ceiling, making it easy to inspect any installations above the ceiling.

The German Design Award goes specifically to Troldtekt tiles T24 based on the carbon-reduced cement type FUTURECEM™.

"We see great potential in developing new products that combine design, flexibility, acoustics, indoor climate and carbon-reduced cement. All of these elements are of great importance to developers and architects," continues Nystrup.

Easy to install – no screws

Troldtekt tiles T24 is a supplement to Troldtekt’s award-winning design series. Unlike the other products in the series, the acoustic panels are installed on a visible T24 profile system. This avoids the need for tools or screws, which also makes the ceiling easy to dismantle again.

The acoustic panels for the solution are an adapted 25 millimetre variant of the Troldtekt tiles design solution, which has milled grooves in the surface to create a pattern of rectangular fields. This means that you end up with an additional track that fits the T24 profile when installing two panels next to one another. The profiles are visually recessed into the ceiling, creating an almost seamless look.

Reduced carbon footprint

In spring 2022, Troldtekt launched new acoustic panels based on FUTURECEM, and from the turn of the year, the new cement type will replace all grey cement in the production of Troldtekt panels.

Troldtekt acoustic panels based on FUTURECEM  have carbon footprints that are 26 and 38% lower than those of Troldtekt based on grey and white cement respectively, measured throughout the entire life cycle of the acoustic panels.

The German Design Council is behind the German Design Award, and the winners will officially receive the award at an awards show in 2024 January.

FACTS AND FIGURES: Three advantages of Troldtekt tiles T24


Easy to install and dismantle

In the suspended T24 profile system, the Troldtekt acoustic panels are installed without the use of tools or screws. That means you get a fully removable ceiling. 


Choose your pattern

Whether each acoustic panel for the solution should have five or eight rectangular sections is your choice. A half groove is milled on all four sides of the panel, so when two panels are installed next to each other, a groove is created that fits the T24 profile. Turning selected panels can give the ceiling a more varied look.


Multiple colour options

The acoustic panels for Troldtekt tiles T24 are available in two standard colours – white 101 and black 207 (FUTURECEM). The profile system is also available in white and black, so you can match the colour of the acoustic panels.