Troldtekt® tiles T24


Choosing Troldtekt tiles T24 allows you to achieve a space with great acoustics and elegant patterns. You also get a suspended and fully removable ceiling, making it easy for you to inspect the installation of the ceiling and any other installations above the ceiling.


No tools or screws required

Unlike the other products available in the design series, you can install the solution using a visible T24 profile system – no tools or screws required. This also makes it easy to remove the ceiling. The acoustic panels for the solution are 25 mm versions of the Troldtekt tile design solution.

Additional grooves for a seamless look

The choice is yours whether each acoustic panel for the solution should have four or seven milled grooves. A half groove has been milled into all four sides of the panel, so when you install two panels next to each other, a groove that fits the T24 profile will appear. If you turn selected panels the ceiling will get a more varied look.

Two colour options

The acoustic panels for Troldtekt tiles T24 are available in two standard colours – white 101 and black 207 (FUTURECEM). The profile system is also available in white and black, so you can match the colour of the acoustic panels.

Troldtekt tiles T24 are available in four variants

Installation on suspended, visible T24 profile system

In the suspended T24 profile system, you install the Troldtekt acoustic panels in visible main and cross profiles without the use of tools or screws. This means that you get a fully demountable ceiling.