Troldtekt in panel discussion on key to success in Germany

Troldtekt is on the panel for a discussion at the Danish-German Chamber of Commerce’s annual award ceremony on 9 November. Jesper Kvist, Business Development Manager at Troldtekt, will be giving his views on the key to success in trade and relations between the two countries. 


What is the key to success when it comes to good business relations between Denmark and Germany?

This is the topic of the evening’s panel discussion in connection with this year’s award ceremony for the Danish-German Business Awards, which will take place on 9 November at Kosmopol in Copenhagen. The Danish-German Chamber of Commerce is behind the award ceremony, where Troldtekt will be participating in the panel discussion.

As usual, the Chamber of Commerce will recognise two award winners: German Company of the Year and Danish Company of the Year 2023. The accolade goes to two companies, each of which has made a special contribution to the Danish-German business community in the past year.


Photo: Director of the Danish-German Chamber of Commerce, Reiner Perau, presents the 'Danish Company of the Year 2020' award to former CEO of Troldtekt, Peer Leth.

Two awards for German success

In 2020, Troldtekt A/S won the prestigious Danish Company of the Year award - for successfully entering the German market based on a sustainability strategy. The award was followed by the HRH Crown Prince Frederik International Business Award, which in 2022 went to the subsidiary Troldtekt GmbH.

Now Troldtekt has been invited back to the award ceremony for the Danish-German Business Awards. Business Development Manager Jesper Kvist will take part in the panel and talk about some of the results that led the two awards for Troldtekt. 

The other panellists are:

  • Jens Stratmann, CEO of Lidl Denmark (winner of German Company of the Year 2020)
  • Sebastian Lundholm Petersen, Managing Director at Drees & Sommer Nordic (winner of German Company of the Year 2021)
  • Jannek Uldal Christesen, Senior Director, Products & Projects, Grundfos (Winner of Danish Company of the Year 2012)

Read more about the programme and registration for the awards ceremony


Photo: HKH Crown Prince Frederik presents the 'HRH Crown Prince Frederik International Business Award 2022' to Jesper Kvist, Business Development Manager, and Tina Kristensen, Head of Sustainability and Communications at Troldtekt.