Troldtekt A/S’ take-back strategy wins European environmental award


Troldtekt A/S’ take-back strategy wins European environmental award

Troldtekt A/S has just received one of the prestigious national environmental awards which the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) has presented in collaboration with the EU and the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. Troldtekt won the award for its take-back strategy which takes cement-bonded wood wool from the building industry and turns it into a new resource. Troldtekt has now entered the competition for one of the international European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE).

The idea is that cement-bonded wood wool waste from new building projects and demolitions becomes a new resource. This was the thinking behind Troldtekt’s take-back strategy, where the first steps have been implemented. The strategy has now won one of the national EU environmental awards, which were recently presented at the headquarters of the Danish Society of Engineers in central Copenhagen. Troldtekt won the award in the category ‘Sustainable Processes’.
“We have launched the take-back scheme as a part of our business strategy which is aligned with the principles of the sustainable Cradle to Cradle design concept. We are very proud to be taking home such a distinguished award, and it also confirms further that we are on the right track,” says Peer Leth, CEO of Troldtekt A/S.

Committee: Commendable take-back scheme
The panel of judges was made up of representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, the Danish Confederation of Industries, the Danish Federation of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, the Economic Council of the Labour Movement (ECLM), IDA Environment and the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA). The competition is organised in cooperation with the EU.
“The panel of judges was particularly impressed by the fact that a take-back scheme is being established within the construction sector, which thus minimises the need for landfill and which can also be used to recycle materials that would otherwise be incinerated or deposited,” explained the panel in choosing Troldtekt as a winner. Together with the other winners, Troldtekt is now in the running for one of the pan-European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE).

Can be returned to nature
Thanks to Troldtekt’s take-back scheme, wood wool waste from building sites can be returned to nature as compost. This is possible because cement-bonded wood wool consists only of wood and cement and does not contain any harmful substances. The next phase of the scheme involves taking cement-bonded wood wool panels from demolition projects and using them as a resource in the production of new cement.
“It requires investments on our part to launch such measures, and it won’t be making money from day one. However, we believe that it pays in the long run to lead the way within sustainability in the construction sector,” says Peer Leth.
He adds that important partners such as Vugge til Vugge Danmark, Central Denmark Region, Aalborg Portland, HedeDanmark and a number of contractors also have a share in winning the award. 

Included in new CSR report
The take-back scheme is part of Troldtekt’s Cradle to Cradle roadmap which outlines sustainable initiatives up until 2022. Both the roadmap and the take-back scheme are described in more detail in Troldtekt’s new CSR report 2015, which has just been submitted to the UN as part of the company’s commitment to the UN Global Compact. 



  • Since 1987, the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) has presented awards for environmental improvements to businesses etc. in cooperation with the EU and the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.
  • The awards competition, which is the most prestigious environmental award under the auspices of the EU, has two levels: National award presentations and a subsequent competition at European level.
  • This year, the Danish panel of judges has presented awards for environmental improvement measures within the categories ‘Sustainable Products and Services’ and ‘Sustainable Processes’.



  • Using construction waste from building sites
    Cut-offs from new Troldtekt products are now collected at building sites. The waste is delivered to HedeDanmark, which processes and refines the materials to make soil conditioners.

  • Take-back service agreements
    Troldtekt is now offering service agreements in connection with project deliveries. Under the service agreements, from now on Troldtekt offers to take back acoustic panels after use.

  • Recycling of demolition waste
    The second stage of the take-back scheme involves utilising demolition waste, which can be recirculated in the production process as a raw material in new cement. Together with Aalborg Portland, demolition firms and local authorities, we are working to offer this solution in Denmark from 2018 or 2019.

  • Cooperation with local authorities
    Troldtekt has also started cooperating with a number of local authorities on sorting cement-bonded wood wool as a separate waste fraction, which will then be used in masonry units etc. The initiative will gradually be extended to all local authorities.

Troldtekt A/S wins the EU’s Danish environmental award 2016 in the ‘Sustainable Processes’ category. Peer Leth, CEO of Troldtekt A/S, received the award. Copyright ©Henrik Frydkjær.
Recipients of the EU’s Danish environmental awards 2016. From left: Kasper Guldager Jensen, CEO of GXN architects, Trine Richter, CEO of Green Solution House, Zhuoyan Cai, CEO of Aquarden Technologies, and Peer Leth, CEO of Troldtekt A/S. Copyright ©Henrik Frydkjær.
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