Two Romanian students win Troldtekt Award

The jury panel has selected two students from the ‘Ion Mincu’ University of Architecture and Urbanism (UAUIM) in Bucharest as winners of the Troldtekt Award and a EUR 5,000 prize. Both the runners-up prize and the special prize go to students from Iran.The idea behind the winning project - Troldtekt AIR - is working with Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool in many different thicknesses. In this way, the acoustic panels can even be used to build a house.


The amount of air in Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool can be increased and decreased to change the thickness. In this way, the natural material can serve many different functions and even be used to build entire houses. This is the winning idea behind ‘Troldtekt AIR' which has won the Troldtekt Award 2016.

The competition sees architectural and design students from all over the world rethinking the use of Troldtekt acoustic panels. This has resulted in a number of creative proposals – with the best coming from Romania.

A house with peace and tranquillity

“We think there was a lot of interesting potential in looking at the ingredients which are used to make Troldtekt: Wood, cement and water, but also air, which is present in everything. By adjusting the volume of air in the product, we could, among other things, create ‘bricks’ for both interior and exterior walls,” say the two winners, Vasile Iulian Badarau and Bogdan Cristian Lazar.

“A house made of Troldtekt inside and out will be a peaceful place – in effect a protective shell. We wanted to show how you can build a house which is infused with the sound of silence. It could, for example, be ideal for a yoga room or just somewhere you go to find peace and tranquillity,” they add. 

The winners are both studying at the ‘Ion Mincu’ University of Architecture and Urbanism (UAUIM) in Bucharest.

Innovative, realistic and aesthetically pleasing

The jury panel which has chosen the winner of the Troldtekt Award is composed of:

  • Lone Wiggers, architect, MAA, MNAL and partner in C.F. Møller (Denmark)
  • Linus Hofrichter, professor, MEng. Architect BDA from sander hofrichter architeckten (Germany)
  • Peer Leth, CEO, Troldtekt A/S (Denmark)

“The jury panel finds the idea of changing the thickness of the Troldtekt panels both interesting and exciting. The project is a good idea with its innovative yet realistic use of the natural Troldtekt material in an aesthetically pleasing way,” said the jury in explaining their reasons for choosing the winner. 

The second prize of EUR 2,000 goes to students from Iran. They suggest letting users design their own art-acoustics solution by using small Troldtekt cubes which are placed in a lattice-shaped partition. The special prize of EUR 1,000 also goes to Iranian students, whose idea is an acoustic pavilion for urban spaces.  

Engaging tomorrow’s trendsetters

This is the fourth time that Troldtekt A/S is presenting the Troldtekt Award, an initiative that gives the Danish company a completely new take on its classic wood and cement acoustic panels.

“We are proud that we’ve created a concept which students all over the world are participating in. We want to be trendsetters within intelligent acoustic solutions, and we also want to help engage tomorrow’s trendsetters within architecture,” says Peer Leth, CEO at Troldtekt A/S.


Peer Leth, CEO, Troldtekt A/S: +45 8747 8130 //   
Tina Snedker Kristensen, Head of Marketing and Communications, Troldtekt A/S: +45 8747 8124 // 

"An international jury has selected the project ""Troldtekt AIR"" as winner of the Troldtekt Award 2016. The prize includes 5,000 euros. The winning project has been submitted by two Romanian students and is based on the idea of working with Troldtekt acoustic panels in different thicknesses. In this way wood wool can potentially be used to build an entire house. "
"The project ""Choice Theory"" from Iran wins the 2nd prize and 2,000 euros in the Troldtekt Award 2016. The project defines an alternative use of Troldtekt acoustic panels as a flexible, indoor dividing wall system. "
"A special prize and 1,000 euros goes to the project ""Acoustic Pavilion"" submitted from Iran. This project features the idea of an outdoor Troldtekt pavilion as a quiet place for outdoor activities in the midst of the city. "
The Troldtekt Award jury composed of Lone Wiggers architect maa, mnal & partner at C.F. Møller (DK), Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Architect BDA Linus Hofrichter from a-sh sander hofrichter architekten (DE) and Peer Leth, CEO at Troldtekt A/S (DK)