Troldtekt design solutions add character to interiors


The new range of design solutions gives architects an exciting opportunity to combine the great acoustics of Troldtekt wood wool panels with a distinctive look. In a new online theme, Troldtekt A/S gives the architect behind the new design solutions the opportunity to talk about them - and show how they are used in beautiful buildings.

We spend by far most of our time in buildings. Office buildings, schools, sports centres, restaurants, cultural centres and private homes. It is therefore important that these indoor settings are comfortable for our eyes, ears and health. With ‘Troldtekt® line’, ‘Troldtekt® tiles’, ‘Troldtekt® curves’, and a number of other new design solutions, Troldtekt A/S is giving architects the opportunity to combine great acoustics and a healthy indoor climate with a distinctive, scalable look.

“The aim has been to design solutions that offer the greatest possible freedom in the architecture. You can create your own patterns and rhythms in the design – and vary and scale the various design solutions to create a very cohesive sense of harmony on ceilings or walls. We are seeking to appeal to architects who want the scope to do something out of the ordinary in their interiors, but also have to stay within a reasonable budget,” says Michael Christensen.

He is the in-house architect at Troldtekt A/S and the person who developed the new design line.

The interview with Michael Christensen is part of a new online theme at The theme puts the spotlight on Troldtekt design solutions. It looks at the various solutions, and a number of elegant cases, where designers and architects talk about their experiences.

It’s all about the surface

The new design solutions have two key features in common: Firstly, they are mass-produced. Secondly, they are designed to give ceiling and wall surfaces a seamless look. Each solution is intended to form a complete acoustic surface, whether large or small.

“The series of design solutions marks a new chapter in Troldtekt’s history. We began in 1935 with industrial panels, and have been developing acoustic solutions for modern architecture in recent years. We have added exciting designs along the way, which have won international awards. We are now taking our design solutions to the next level – launching a whole series suitable for production using modern technology and therefore at competitive prices,” says Peer Leth, CEO of Troldtekt A/S.     

Well-known product in new solutions

Søren Vester designs interiors for everything from restaurants to private homes. He chose the Troldtekt line design solution for the elegant and tasteful Restaurant Strandtangen in the Danish town of Skive. The restaurant interior is in harmony with the Nordic cuisine it serves.

“I think it’s great to see how Troldtekt has challenged and developed its core product in a new design solution. It’s made of the same simple material, but Troldtekt has experimented with the acoustic panels and used them to create an exciting new look. Troldtekt line conceals the joints between acoustic panels, making the surface into a whole. “It’s quite brilliant,” says Søren Vester in an article in the theme.

In addition to inspiring examples of the new design line, the online theme also offers an interview with Andrej Kupetz, CEO at the German Design Council, which annually awards the prestigious German Design Award.

Read the entire theme on Troldtekt design solutions here


  • Troldtekt A/S is a leading developer and manufacturer of acoustic ceiling and wall solutions.
  • Since 1935, wood and cement have been the main natural raw materials in production, which takes place in Denmark in modern facilities with a low environmental impact.
  • Troldtekt’s business strategy is founded on the Cradle to Cradle design concept, which plays a key role in safeguarding environmental benefits towards 2022.


Peer Leth, CEO, Troldtekt A/S: +45 8747 8130 //       
Tina Snedker Kristensen, Head of Marketing and Communications, Troldtekt A/S: +45 8747 8124 //   

Troldtekt’s in-house architect, Michael Christensen, has designed the new line of Troldtekt design solutions that gives architects great freedom to combine superior acoustics with an expressive look. Copyright© Troldtekt A/S.
At Restaurant Strandtangen in the Danish town of Skive, honest Nordic food goes hand in hand with an elegant and stylish interior. The centrepiece is the black Troldtekt® line acoustic ceilings with milled grooves, which create a very special atmosphere. Copyright© Troldtekt A/S.
The design solution Troldtekt® tilt line offers a multifaceted surface. Each acoustic panel has six angled grooves and half grooves along the outer edges, providing an elegant combination of angled and straight grooves on the overall acoustic surface. Copyright© Troldtekt A/S.
The new design line from Troldtekt A/S consists of nine design solutions that are the result of a goal and a rule. The goal is to give architects the greatest possible flexibility when designing ceilings and walls for good acoustics. The rule is that the solutions must be suitable for mass production and competitively priced.
Troldtekt® dots is one of the new design solutions from Troldtekt A/S. The surface of each acoustic panel features 66 round indentations of varying size, adding a dynamic pattern of circular elements to the entire ceiling or wall surface. Copyright© Troldtekt A/S.