Accessories for Troldtekt® acoustic panels


Troldtekt screws have been specially developed for installing Troldtekt acoustic panels. Troldtekt screws are available with a crosshead Phillips 2 (PH2) head and a Torx 20 head, and are electro-galvanised and coated in colours that complement Troldtekt natural wood and natural grey panels as well as panels in a number of colours.

For Troldtekt panels in custom colours we provide extra paint, so the screws can be dipped in the same colour as the acoustic panels.

Troldtekt screws with crosshead are structure screws, where the screw head matches the well-known surface structure of the Troldtekt acoustic panels, so the screws are less visible after installation. The structure screws are available for both wood and steel installations.


Profile systems

Troldtekt offers a range of different profile systems – exposed, concealed, and removable, which have been developed for installing Troldtekt acoustic ceilings.



Troldtekt KN brackets have also been specially developed for installing Troldtekt ceilings. The KN brackets allow concealed installation, resulting in a streamlined ceiling surface with no visible screws. Visible screws are only used to install the acoustic panels along the walls.


Access panel

An integrated Troldtekt access panel provides easy access to “hidden services” above the ceiling. As the access panel is integrated into a Troldtekt acoustic panel, it has the same visual expression as the ceiling.



To touch up any handling or installation marks etc., we recommend that you use Troldtekt touch-up paint, which is available in spray cans (400 ml) in the standard colours white 101, grey 202, grey 208, and black 207.

Moreover, standard colours and special colours are available in metal bottles (250 ml) in connection with ordering Troldtekt panels painted in the same colour.


DanSticks® for battening

DanSticks® by Troldtekt are battens for battening all Troldtekt acoustic panels. The battens ensure easy and stable acclimatisation of the acoustic panels before installation.

DanSticks are made of recyclable plastic, they are easy to clean and can be used again and again.   

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DanSticks® by Troldtekt are battens for battening all Troldtekt acoustic panels