Troldtekt® rhomb mini

The design solution Troldtekt® rhomb mini is hexagon-shaped acoustic panels which add a three-dimensional pattern to the ceiling or wall surface

Like Troldtekt rhomb, this mini version can be used to create a three-dimensional pattern. The solution consists of hexagon-shaped acoustic panels that are half the size of the hexagon formed by joining three classic Troldtekt rhomb panels. The three rhombuses on the hexagon panel are bounded by grooves.

If you choose the Troldtekt rhomb mini hatch variant, each rhombus will also contain four parallel grooves (12 grooves per acoustic panel).

The panels have grooves cut on the edges, and by rotating the panels you can vary the pattern so that the three-dimensional effect is even more pronounced.  

Good acoustics at green think tank

At the head office of the green Swedish think tank Fores in Stockholm the design solutions Troldtekt line and Troldtekt rhomb mini are installed on walls and ceilings.

Watch the video in which Fores CEO Mattias Goldmann describes how the sustainable Troldtekt ceiling and wall panels support the think tank’s philosophy, while also ensuring good acoustics during the many meetings and events that take place in the Fores building.

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Troldtekt® design

In this brochure you will find inspiration, and facts about the Troldtekt design solutions. There are nine alternatives, but countless ways to combine them, so your projects can have a unique expression. See how some of the solutions are used in practice, and read an interview with the architect behind the nine designs.