Café Kartoen Geldrop

When a well-known cafe in Geldrop came under new management it was immediately subject to a very extensive programme of refurbishment. This involved upgrading and replacing everything from floors to ceilings and from services to interior decor, including moving the bar. It subsequently reopened as the Kaffee Kartoen.

Troldtekt, Cafe Katoen Geldrop
Photo: Tommy Kosior

Because of the nature of the facility, it was important to ensure that noise levels would be kept to a minimum in order to create an attractive and enjoyable interior and respect for the comfort of customers.

In order to achieve the highest performance, the refurbishment team specified new ceilings comprising large areas of Troldtekt acoustic panels. The 1200 x 600mm panels, in 35 and 25mm thicknesses, were installed in a T24 suspension system onto wooden battens and coloured in RAL 7021.

The appearance of the ceilings and their ability to reduce reverberation time have made a major contribution to creating an aesthetically pleasing interior and an attractive new social venue for the town.