A childcare institution on nature’s terms

At Børnehuset Savannen, a combined crèche and kindergarten, the indoor and outdoor facilities were all designed with a focus on play, creativity and sustainable materials.

Troldtekt acoustic panels as wall cladding in kindergarten
Photo: Kirstine Mengel

The new-build institution in Skibby in the Municipality of Frederikssund on northern Zealand was inaugurated in 2019. The Municipality of Frederikssund commissioned the building, which was designed by Nordic– Office of Architecture.

In designing the institution, the focus was on creating a good environment with suitably scaled creative indoor and outdoor facilities, where children can feel safe and secure in smaller groups and areas.

The institution is on one level, and comprises five clusters – one for the youngest children in the crèche, two for the kindergarten children and one communal cluster with a kitchen, activity rooms and an office.

Minimal ecological footprint

Børnehuset Savannen is situated in a lovely area close to a small wood. To support its natural profile, the building is clad in Nordic Swan eco-labelled wood strips, and sustainable materials have generally been chosen to fulfil the local authority’s desire that the building’s carbon footprint should be kept to a minimum. A lifecycle analysis was therefore carried out of all the materials used.

The building is heated geothermally, and 60 square metres of solar cells are installed on the roof.

Skylights and large windows ensure an influx of natural light as well as close contact with the green surroundings. Creating a good indoor climate for the more than 100 children who spend their days at Børnehuset Savannen was a priority, hence the high ceilings. To avoid excessive sound levels and reverberation, Troldtekt acoustic panels were installed throughout the institution.

In addition to enhancing the acoustics, the Troldtekt panels also match Børnehuset Savannen’s documented sustainable profile.