Exceptional cinema experience in an acoustically optimised environment

In the past numerous cinemas in the Müllerstraße were lined up like a string of pearls, but now the Cineplex Alhambra is the last cinema on the lively street in Berlin’s Wedding district.

Troldtekt acoustic panels as wall cladding in cultural buildings
Photo: Diplomingeniør Olaf Wiechers, arkitekt

As early as 1916, an imposing building on the corner of Müllerstraße and Seestraße attracted visitors to the cinema. More than a hundred years later, the present Cineplex Alhambra – with 1,500 seats and seven screens spread over four floors – took shape over a period up to 2002. Cinema technology that can be seen in two halls, its own kitchen and various restaurants make a visit to the cinema more than just a cinematic experience. In addition, the owner of the Cineplex Alhambra also offers the halls for individual events such as lectures, celebrations or customer events.

A pure cinema experience is characterised by a good film and correspondingly high-quality cinema technology that enables films to be shown in 2D and 3D. The Cineplex Alhambra offers modern facilities in all halls. The cinemagoer can choose between 18 exclusive VIP seats in the smallest hall and 354 seats with 3D film technology and D-Box motion seats – the D-BOX cinema seat moves scenically to the action on the screen – in Hall 1.

A highlight with a special ambience is offered by the Premium Hall 3 with 56 exclusive, comfortable leather armchairs and the latest 3D cinema technology. The hall’s interior architecture, characterised by a special ceiling and wall design, is also noteworthy.

Excellent room acoustics can be planned

The requirements for cinema halls are diverse. As well as safety equipment, fire protection and air conditioning, acoustics play a major role because these factors have a decisive influence on the sound quality.

Even if the transmission quality of the acoustic system is perfect, high speech intelligibility and good sound perception cannot be taken for granted. They depend on factors such as sound reflection, sound absorption and reverberation time.

Whereas smooth, hard surfaces such as glass, tiles or plaster surfaces absorb sound only slightly, carpets, chairs, fabrics and porous fibreboards dampen the sound. The planners at the Cineplex Alhambra put this knowledge to good use and equipped the walls of Hall 3 with Troldtekt acoustic panels.