Kimbrerpark, a green housing development

Homes, courtyards and common areas are connected by a green, experiential space. The housing development is both varied and dynamic, while also serving as a safe and communal place for its residents.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels ensure superior acoustics in healing architecture
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

In the middle of the town of Aars in North Jutland is Kimbrerparken, where sustainability and green elements act as a unifying force between the town and the residential area. The community facility in wood is situated next to the street, while the 40 supportive housing residences are located in connection with it, divided into narrow wings around green courtyards.

The homes and the community facility are connected by paths between the trees and other planted areas. The entire area is designed by the Norconsult consultancy firm whose focus was on creating a safe, familiar environment on a human scale.

Sustainability is a key value throughout the housing development and the homes are therefore also DGNB certified in gold.

Natural materials

Like the residences themselves, the community facility is built on two floors and frames the large terrace with its U-shape, which offers space for many different types of activities. The community facility is constructed from solid wood elements which have especial impact indoors, where all surfaces are in wood.

The ceiling is clad with Troldtekt acoustic panels, which provide a contrast to the wooden surfaces, though they are also made from the natural material wood and cement extracted from Danish mineral resources.

Along the street is a double-height room, which provides flow between the floors and a good distribution of natural light. In the middle of the building is the living area, where there is always fresh coffee brewing. The community facility also contains special activity rooms for music, woodworking, exercise and other hobbies that residents can take part in together.

The warm surfaces of the wood and the good acoustics secured by Troldtekt create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for all of the building’s users.