Secure parameters for adults with brain injury and mental illness

Arriving at Lundebo, you are welcomed by a large brick portico which also provides shelter from the rain and the sun. The portico ceiling features an installation of Troldtekt acoustic panels in ‘natural wood’ colour, which continues into the foyer, thereby establishing the atmosphere for the rest of the building. This is architecture on a human scale, and the materials have been chosen with care and in order to support the concept of a safe, friendly environment for citizens with special care needs.

Ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in healthcare buildings
Photo: Thomas Mølvig

The residents are typically living with acquired brain injuries, and Lundebo’s services are also intended for those with mental illnesses and specific forms of dementia. Lundebo has a team of approximately 170 employees within the various professional groups, which include rehabilitation, training and counselling.

Daily life must be meaningful, and therefore some of the residents work in the town in a sheltered workshop or at Lundebo itself. Residents often live in the facility for a number of years, and a great deal of emphasis has been placed on making Lundebo as comfortable and homelike as possible.

Residences with private entrance and terrace

The 59 new residences with service areas replace the existing co-housing community, which had become outdated. The construction, including demolition, was carried out in stages and it was a logistical challenge to make day-to-day life work while construction was underway. The four new housing groups are called Birkegården, Rønnegården, Bøgegården and Lærkegården. These smaller units are again divided into two togetherness groups, for the residents who live closest to each other.

The 75 m2 flats have two rooms, en suite bathroom and toilet, as well as a utility room with plenty of space for electric scooters, etc. The flexible room layout also makes it possible to resize the bedroom, thus ensuring access to aids such as wheelchairs, and to adapt the apartment to the individual occupant. All residences have their own entrance and a small cosy garden with a terrace.

The service areas and common rooms are welcoming and filled with light, and there is plenty of space for wheelchairs throughout Lundebo. Laminated wood girders and wooden columns, together with Troldtekt acoustic panels, help to lend visual warmth to the rooms.