An attractive meeting place

The new hospital in western Denmark – DNV-Gødstrup near Herning – is nearing completion, while the separate NIDO building is ready for occupancy. Arkitema is the architectural firm behind the NIDO building, but is also part of the consortium behind DNV-Gødstrup.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels ensure superior acoustics in healthcare buildings
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

The NIDO building is physically connected to the future hospital, but is an independent unit, which provides a platform for an attractive shared research, education and learning environment, where knowledge sharing and the connection to practice are paramount. The impressive building featuring a wealth of modern facilities serves as a meeting place and exchange for people across disciplines and specialisations in the somatic and psychiatric health system.

The exterior of the building is clad in the same dark brick as the hospital, but is distinguished by a large continuous atrium, which from the outside is experienced as a window into a dynamic building. The atrium is NIDO’s primary space, and features an amphitheatre-style staircase spanning the width of the room. It is a large, flexible space capable of accommodating many different types of events, but also informal meetings and socialising. The architecture of the atrium is further defined by the use of elongated skylights and the choice of white Troldtekt acoustic panels for the entire ceiling for a rawer look.

Wide range of materials

For users of the NIDO building, there are facilities such as laboratories, a biobank, classrooms, wards and conference rooms, in addition to offices. Arkitema has made a point of differentiating the rooms, while the architecture ‘speaks’ the same language as the hospital itself.

A round building next to the NIDO building itself houses a multi-purpose assembly hall, where white, ultrafine Troldtekt has also been installed on the round ceiling. In an assembly hall, good acoustics are essential for a functional and pleasant environment.

A touch of Nordic elegance has been created through the use of concrete, glass and wood, but a number of colours have also been used to delineate specific areas and add distinct character to the offices and the larger classrooms.