Othello Care Centre

A circular solution inspired by the Globe Theatre in London elegantly reduced noise levels at the Othello care centre in Fredericia. The distinctive building provides all residents with views of the inner courtyard.

Troldtekt, Othello care centre
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect

A special architectural experience which is beautifully integrated with an area of woodland close to Fredericia town centre. The circular care centre Othello takes its name from the famous Globe Theatre in London. The two buildings are both round with an inner space – in the care centre’s case a sheltered courtyard, which keeps the noise from the nearby ring road at bay.

Round shape eliminates noise

– The location between the railway and the inner ring road meant a lot of noise. In collaboration with engineers and contractors, we arrived at the circular shape, which is a rather unconventional solution to the noise issue. The circular floor plan is thus not formalism, but a solution dictated by necessity, and is thus pure pragmatism. At the same time, it follows the beautiful curve of the woods, and is a distinct icon for the area, says the architect Ib Valdemar Nielsen, MAA from Cubo Arkitekter A/S.

Simple and varied

The lowest of the six storeys appears more transparent with large window sections interspersed with closed dark facade sections. On the ground floor you find a café, offices and a large canteen, while a corridor divides the floor into an outer and an inner circle.

 The five other levels are basically identical, and comprise accommodation units and communal day rooms. In almost all the communal areas, Troldtekt ensures a comfortable acoustic environment, and the dark Troldtekt acoustic panels also have a visually unifying effect.

Balconies a major asset

– We’ve sought to create a vibrant centre without the usual institutional feel. There are no long, straight corridors, but a varied spatial layout that offers constant views of the inner courtyard. This makes it easy to find your way around, even though the building is relatively large. From each communal room there is access to a large balcony, which overlooks the spacious courtyard. The balconies are a huge asset for the residents in their daily lives, says Ib Valdemar Nielsen.