Circular flow creates openness and clarity

On arriving at the new psychiatric hospital in Vejle, visitors are welcomed by an attractive, two-storey façade clad with bronzed aluminium panels. The horizontal lines and rounded gables create the sense of an inviting and down to earth building that does not need to impress with its size or height. In fact, covering 17,400 square metres, it is a very large complex, but this only becomes apparent once you start exploring the exciting interior.

Troldtekt, troldtekt, psychiatric hospital in Vejle, Denmark
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect

Arkitema Architects describes the overall architectural design as follows:

The psychiatric hospital comprises a cluster of eight buildings based on a circular flow that includes the administrative and staff functions. This ingenious combination of hospital buildings and the functional and administrative unit form a closed ring that ensures an open and transparent psychiatric hospital.

Scandinavian attention to detail

The foyer is a beautifully proportioned room with high ceilings and an informal atmosphere. The organically shaped walls and information desk are clad with pale wooden strips. From the ceiling hangs a large and modern chandelier, which has been specially designed for the building by the artist Signe Guttormsen, who was also responsible for the colour scheme and artistic decoration throughout the entire complex. 

From the foyer, you can head off in multiple directions and, passing along a changing walkway, find the section you want to visit. At every point there are views of the inner courtyard, which is perfect for taking time out in secure surroundings. The strong connection between the inside and outside also means there is a good and interesting play of daylight.

The Scandinavian attention to detail is evident everywhere. A very beautiful sports hall is just one of many outstanding facilities, but throughout the priority has been to use quality materials that interact well with one another. Pale brick, untreated wood strips, grey Troldtekt acoustic panels and red linoleum floors create a delightful cocktail of impressions that appeals to the senses.

Solar panels have been installed on the flat roofs above the internal corridors, while the wards have green living roofs. One particularly special feature is the 200-metre-long passage which rests on columns, connecting the complex to the existing hospital.