Calm environment for vulnerable citizens

Surrounded by the wooded conservation area De Kellerske Bakker, ‘Bofællesskabet Postens Vej’ consists of 60 sheltered flats for people with mental and physical disabilities.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

The 60 public housing flats have been organised into small clusters of five in four larger groupings. The buildings are connected by pathways, which also invite residents to explore the surrounding countryside. The sheltered housing village is situated close to the woods and to the inlet Vejle Fjord.

The organisation into smaller units creates the impression of a smaller scale, making the housing more homely and welcoming for residents. The repeated pattern of buildings and sheds creates a calm and coherent look, which is beautifully integrated in the landscape.

Community living

Each cluster has its own covered entrance and a communal kitchen and living area. For the residents, it is essential that they have a calm and intimate environment, which is why acoustics also play a key role in their daily lives.

In the communal areas, white Troldtekt acoustic panels with exposed T profiles have been chosen for the ceilings. The ceilings are sound-absorbing and also create a sense of architectural coherence between the communal areas and the buildings themselves. In many ways, the Postens Vej residential facility has a homelike environment. The buildings are grouped around the communal areas and work well as an extension of the individual units.

The communal areas have different interior designs and are well connected to the rest of the living area, particularly because the textural Troldtekt ceilings and floors in natural, warm shades provide a homelike touch. The communal areas provide a setting for mealtimes, watching television and taking part in singing and musical activities.

Bofællesskabet Postens Vej is mentioned in the Danish Building Defects Fund’s (BSF) guide to the quality of new construction projects:

“Brejning has a long-standing tradition of constructing high-quality social institutional buildings. Postens Vej is no exception. The facility is a good example of how simple materials and highly simplistic structures built according to the classic Danish saddle roof tradition do not in any way conflict with architectural character and formal variation.”