Escape into Comfort

There are certain places which welcome visitors like an old friend. Inside they offer the perfect leisure experience, where visitors are wrapped in both warmth and excitement and from which they emerge with happy memories. The Artus Resort is such a place and will suit both those dreaming of peace and those wanting the thrill of emotion.”

Troldtekt acoustic panels on ceilings in hotel
Photo: Piotr Skorek Photolicous

The Artus Resort in Poland is a unique fusion of the 3-star Artus Hotel and a new extension known as Sowia Dolina. Combining a thoroughly modern facility bursting with history and 120 years of tradition, it is situated in Wilcza Poręba, the prestigious part of Karpacz, close to the Śnieżka Mountain.

Razoo architects were invited for the third time to be involved in the expansion of Hotel Artus. This time they designed common areas: reception, hall, swimming pool, restaurant, conference rooms and playrooms for kids. They focused on subdued elegance animated by strong colours, natural materials and local handicrafts. Colours used in this interior are navy blue, green and light pink.

At client disposal, there are 78 rooms in Hotel Artus standard and 75 suites in Sowia Dolina. All the accommodation base is comfy, well-equipped and offering unforgettable views behind the windows. During their stay, guests can make use of the hotel’s sauna, fitness and rehabilitation centres, jacuzzi, and games room. They are also welcome to enjoy a round of bowling or squash while children are offered a playground. There is a possibility of organising barbecues and karaoke parties. Three conference centres are also available.

To satisfy the highest demands for the very best acoustics Troldtekt panels were specified by the architects and installed in the restaurant and conference-training halls. The acoustic panels are made entirely of the natural materials wood and cement. This means that they are not just highly effective in terms of sound absorption but also sustainable. At the same time, the wood wool panels create a healthy indoor climate, provide effective fire protection and complement the structure and design of the spaces perfectly.

The specifying architects comment: “For the emphasis on raw texture we used natural local wood (oak, spruce), artistic concrete plaster and acoustic ceiling panels with wood fibres. These panels are installed in part of the permanent restaurant and also in those rooms which can change depending on the need into a large banqueting hall or three smaller conference room divided by mobile walls.”

“This solution gives great possibilities which is why we used different colours of panels. We especially chose large formats to limit the number of joins, although joins are hidden, together with strong raw textures of panels in coloured grey and deep green.”

For adding character and locality. The architects also invited Polish artists to contribute individual ideas, such as huge lamps made of cords over the buffets and also huge artworks reflecting the regional landscape over the stairs and 3 metre lamps over the swimming pool.