Bühlmann Airport Hotel - Aalborg

The international airport at Aalborg is both a commercial success and an architectural gem. Now, a stylish and modern hotel has been built adjacent to the elongated terminal building. Bühlmann Airport Hotel is part of the Familien Bühlmann group which comprises four hotels in north and west Jutland. Each hotel is different, with its own distinguishing features and characteristics.

Troldtekt, Aalborg Airport Hotel
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect MAA

At Aalborg, the pale grey building rises like a rectilinear sculpture from the car park area. The vertical window sections emphasise the building’s height and contribute a dramatic effect, especially when darkness falls and the hotel is lit up from within. The concrete façades are constructed with a subtle plank texture which adds character to their large expanse. This simple yet fine detail makes the building more welcoming while adding a touch of exclusivity.

The hotel foyer is divided into three interconnected areas comprising reception, breakfast café and lounge. The style is pure ‘new Nordic’ with a pleasant relaxed feel. The rough plank effect  is repeated on the concrete wall in the lounge, creating an appealing raw look. Together with the uninterrupted fine structure Troldtekt acoustic ceilings and the grey-black floor, a sense of unity is created throughout the entire ground floor.

The hotel offers a total of 64 double rooms at reasonable prices and there are already plans to expand the capacity with an additional 52 rooms. It is also possible to book offices on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, something not previously seen at hotels in Denmark.