Everyone is familiar with fast food restaurants. Often these are operated as a chain which means that they tend to look the same regardless of where they are located. However, this restaurant in Kaskentie near Turku in Finland is a little different. Although part of a national chain, it is not in the normal shopping centre so the operator deliberately chose to give it a character and feel of its own.

Troldtekt, Hesburger
Photo: Tommy Kosior

Obviously, any fast food restaurant is subject to continuous and heavy volumes of traffic which in turn generate high levels of noise, exaggerated by the hard surfaces of the furniture, floors and windows.

This particular standalone building is designed as open plan with its eating area on two levels. That meant the performance and appearance of the large umbrella like ceiling were very important considerations.

A very effective solution has been achieved by using Troldtekt panels for the ceiling which is designed as an interesting combination of angled surfaces. By using panels with bevelled edges, the designers have also created a dramatic cobweb appearance. At the same time they chose a light fine panel with a coarse surface which exposes the natural character of its inherent construction.

All this adds up to an extremely attractive ceiling which is very effective in reducing the noise of constant chatter and echoes.