What more can a ‘lad’ ask for?

Pretty women, good food, cold beer and sport on TV: this is the concept with which Hooters has been making dreams come true on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn since the beginning of 2018.

Troldtekt Hooters Hamburg
Photo: Olaf Wiechers, architect

Since its establishment in 1983 in the US state of Florida, the restaurant chain has opened more than 430 locations in around 30 countries and hit the right note with customers everywhere with its mix of restaurant and sports bar employing exclusively female serving staff.

Hooters customers in the famous Hamburg red-light district can watch football, boxing, Formula 1 racing or American football to their hearts’ content, while the ‘Hooters Girls’, dressed in signature orange hot pants and white trainers, serve chicken wings, burgers and sandwiches with tasty sauces fresh at the table. Cold beer, either on tap or from the bottle or pitcher, as well as a variety of long drinks, cocktails, energy drinks, wines, ciders, shots, but also special coffees and teas, leave nothing to be desired.

The eye-catchers above the huge, central bar counter are several giant flat screen TVs, which are visible from every corner and broadcast various sports programmes. Additional screens are mounted against the walls, some of them in the signature Hooters orange or in a muted grey and beige shade. Various elements in a combination of dark wood and light face-brick decor liven up the indoor space and contribute to a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Comfortable leather benches, round bar tables in a beer-can look and numerous high tables in a variety of designs invite the ‘lads’ to take a seat and stay a while.

Grey Troldtekt acoustic ceiling panels are an additional design feature that fits perfectly into the overall design of the restaurant. The panels are made of the natural material wood and cement and are very effective. In the restaurant and bar area, generally buzzing with people and the vibrant beats of rock music, the acoustic panels contribute to an appealing atmosphere. At the same time, they ensure a healthy indoor climate and effective fire protection.