The best from north and east

Restaurant Nam in Aalborg has quickly established itself in the city as a popular restaurant, which also offers take-out food. The restaurant’s co-owner and the chef have their roots in both Asia and Denmark, which is reflected in both the menu and the interior design.

Troldtekt, Restaurant Nam, Aalborg
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The atmosphere is relaxed and intimate in this small restaurant, which is situated on one of the busiest streets in the city. The contrast between the noise and neon street lights outside strikes you the moment you step in through the door. Here, the focus is on the guests and the food.

The dishes are inspired by Nordic cuisine with local products, but it is also very much characterised by Asian food culture and techniques. The concept is social dining, where the guests around each table share several small dishes. The kitchen is in close contact with the restaurant, so there is a constant flow of small dishes to the diners.

Food and interior design go hand in hand

The interior design reflects Nam’s concept with this exciting blend of Nordic and Asian interior design. Wood is a recurring material, and is used in particular for space partitioning. It creates a warm interior, which is further supported by the accent lighting at the tables.

The choice of materials and colours is also extremely graphic and simple, and reminiscent of the Asian culture. The ceilings are black Troldtekt acoustic panels in ultrafine structure. The ceilings thus function as a unifying and regular surface that beautifully offset the many fine details.

For the couple Anne and Kim, who together own Nam, acoustics are very important, and Troldtekt was therefore the obvious choice.