Towards new horizons

Restaurant Substans has moved from the centre of Aarhus to the newly established urban district of Aarhus East, where patrons can enjoy eleventh-floor views of the Aarhus bay and woodlands. They savour their meals in beautiful surroundings specifically furnished and designed for Substans, and perfectly complementing every meal.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in restaurant
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

Although the room is not big, the ceilings are high and it exudes a special atmosphere that is immediately pleasing to guests. The restaurant is on the top floor of ‘Pakhusene’ (the warehouses), a striking building complex in the district, designed by AART architects, also housed in Pakhusene.

Pakhusene is certified to DNGB standards, meaning that priority was given to sustainable, holistic properties of the construction, among other features.

The unique atmosphere is secured by means of good acoustics, aided by black Troldtekt ceiling panels. The black colour camouflages various installations and frames the high-ceilinged room, along with the curtains and beautiful floors.

Sublime experience

As a restaurant, Substans’ cuisine gives high priority to organic, local produce and ingredients. The interior décor of restaurant Substans was designed for homely qualities, supported by small narratives within the space.

The entryway is linked to the dining room, a dining alcove, the pantry and the rear corridor/toilets. The design company ENKL of Aarhus has adeptly choreographed the sense of flow through the restaurant with a brick serving bar in the middle of the space. The food is paramount.

The furnishings have equal measure of familiarity and provocativeness, which whets the appetite and reveals boldness at the same time. The sources of inspiration are legendary designers of the 1960s and 1970s, such as Jørn Utzon, Friis & Moltke, Alvar Aalto.

Wood is a recurring material, providing a tactile, friendly expression, while the palette of colours is wide and sensuous. ENKL also takes a sustainable approach to its projects, having designed several pieces of the furniture themselves, while others come from a local furniture factory.

The homeliness and intimacy of the décor delicately contrasts with the magnificent views and the surprises gracing the plates.