Sustainable renovation at Ravnkildevej

Following the recent renovation of 250 flats at Ravnkildevej, all three developments making up the Kildeparken neighbourhood in Aalborg in northern Jutland have now been upgraded to a high standard.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

As part of the process, Ravnkildevej has acquired its own identity and a distinctive look, making it stand out from the neighbouring Fyrkildevej and Blåkildevej developments. Kildeparken is owned and managed by the housing association Himmerland Boligforening. It was built in the early 1970s and, like many other housing developments from that period, was found to have the potential for functioning better socially and also for creating a far better indoor climate and improving energy consumption.

The original development was very monotonous, with uninspiring areas between the buildings. Ravnkildevej is located on sloping terrain, with clusters of two-storey buildings at the top encircling an open area with a playground, and smaller houses with courtyards below, but also clustered around cul-de-sacs. The sizes of the flats in the two-storey buildings have been changed considerably to create greater diversity in the resident make-up.

Harmonious renovation

The two-storey buildings have been completely renovated, with only the raw structure remaining. In other words, all the technical installations and surfaces have been replaced, and they even have new facades. In these flats, white Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed on the ceilings in the public passages, which are also painted white. Together with the large window sections next to the door, it creates a pleasant and welcoming entrance for the tenants.

There were problems with damp and mould in the smaller single-storey buildings, which have also been extensively renovated. The communal building on Ravnkildevej was also renovated, and an extension built with new Troldtekt acoustic panels installed on most of the ceilings.

Ravnkildevej has been nominated for the Danish Retrofit Award (Renoverprisen) 2021 for the ambitious renovation project. Visually, the area is now much more interesting and varied, while heating consumption and waste and rainwater management are now all much more sustainable.