Excellent working environment at AAB Silkeborg

The housing association AAB Silkeborg has moved into new offices near the city centre. The new interior has been specially designed for AAB, and the project comprised all surfaces, colours and furniture.

Troldtekt, Boligforeningen AAB, Silkeborg
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The housing association AAB has relocated its administration to the ground floor of one of its own residential properties. The open-plan offices boast large windows on the ground floor, making ABB stand out in the streetscape, while being on one level is a big advantage compared to previously, where the offices were spread over three floors.

Formsprog ApS has been responsible for the interior design, successfully managing to ensure a sense of continuity throughout the facilities. The employees have been very involved in the layout, both as a whole and as regards their individual needs. The final result is an excellent working environment and a warm and inviting design for the staff, and also for residents visiting the offices.

Harmonious interior design

The interior is robust and modern with wear-resistant floors where there is a lot of traffic, while carpets have been chosen in the other rooms. The ceilings are white Troldtekt panels in a profile system, which neatly incorporates the lighting.

The new premises provide a significantly improved working environment for the AAB staff, in particular pleasant acoustics thanks to the Troldtekt ceilings. A sense of texturality is a recurring theme throughout the interior and in the design of the counters and other furnishings. There is a fine balance between raw and natural materials and the soft, upholstered furniture in warm colours. The graphics on the windows and walls have also been designed  by Formsprog.

"The choice of Troldtekt ceilings is inspired by AAB's focus on materiality, indoor climate and employee well-being. Together with AAB Silkeborg, we have created an office environment where cheerful colours, beautiful materials and exciting details successfully come together,” says the architect Gitte F. Kjølby, who heads Formsprog.