Exclusive experience for travellers in East Jutland

Aarhus Airport has undergone a major renovation. The goal is to make all travellers feel like VIP guests. Therefore, the airport was decorated with designer furniture, and the existing Troldtekt acoustic ceilings were painted black to add exclusivity and elegance.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels ensure superior acoustics in commercial properties
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

Aarhus Airport is the fourth-largest airport in Denmark. Over half a million passengers arrive or depart from the airport each year. The goal is to increase this number to 1.5 million passengers over the next five years. As a natural part of this growth strategy, the airport has undergone extensive refurbishment that will help to put the airport on the world map.

“In addition to acquiring a lot of new routes, we’ve looked at what we can do to encourage passengers to choose Aarhus as their point of departure or destination. In this sense, food and interior design are two important parameters that we have focused on,” says Tina Baungaard-Jensen, Head of Communications at Aarhus Airport.

A VIP experience for all

Most of the focus has been directed at the first floor of the airport. There is a cafe and lounge area as well as a restaurant.

“When our passengers arrive at the airport, we want them to leave feeling satiated and satisfied with a good overall impression. Because it’s here, of course, that an enjoyable trip starts or ends. Denmark and Aarhus have strong reputations with regard to both food and design, which is why we have selected the best products and materials,” says Tina Baungaard-Jensen and explains:

“The goal is to make all passengers feel like VIP guests. They need to feel that they are being given special treatment, that there is an air of exclusivity about the airport, and that it lives up to their expectations.”

The design company HAY is responsible for interior design, furniture and decoration. From 1 February 2024, the airport will offer a new restaurant concept with food and drinks rooted in local East Jutland ingredients and specialities. The concept was developed in collaboration with the Aarhus-based food globetrotter Mikkel Wejdemann.

Black ceilings create a sense of exclusivity

To emphasise the exclusive look, the airport’s existing acoustic ceiling from Troldtekt was painted black, complementing the design.

“Painting the ceiling black has transformed the whole feel of the airport, which now comes across as exclusive and elegant. We were inspired by the hotel industry, among other things, and it’s impressive what changing the colour of the ceiling has done,” says Tina Baungaard-Jensen.

In the new lounge area, new acoustic panels were also installed so that the ceiling matches the rest of the interior.

Transformations do not always require new materials

Extensive renovations and building transformations are typically less resource-intensive than new construction. It is often also possible to extend the service life of existing materials, as was the case with Troldtekt ceilings at Aarhus Airport, for example. 

Troldtekt consists of the natural material wood in combination with cement, and the ceiling has a service life of at least 50–70 years – and it can be painted several times over without compromising its acoustic properties.

In addition, it is easy to paint the panels in a desired colour if a building’s design concept needs to be updated or the colour palette needs to be changed. This can be done either with a long-haired paint roller or spray paint if the area is larger, such as at Aarhus Airport.

Troldtekt acoustic panels can be painted several times without affecting their properties. Aarhus Airport has chosen to extend the lifespan of the Troldtekt ceiling by painting it black to match the airport’s more exclusive look.