AFOSA store Mexico

The AFOSA store in the Mexican town of Guadaljara was designed by Sebastian Lara of EOS, the well-known partnership of the two Lara brothers renowned for their design work, including interiors as well as industrial and product design.

Troldtekt, AFOSA
Photo: Sebastián Lara, architect

The store sells a wide variety of garden and landscaping equipment and machinery, such as lawn mowers, hoses and chain saws. Unusually, it is designed so that customers can also test the equipment in a controlled environment and maintenance area.

One of the most sensitive considerations was therefore to create an interior which would have a pleasant atmosphere for visitors. This was particularly important because of the noise from the live demonstration area. In addition, the showrooms are lined with hard non-absorbent materials, such as wood flooring and specially designed wood display units together with large floor to ceiling glass windows.

In order to reduce the problem of high level noise and echoes, the designer chose to use large Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceilings, screwed to a concealed metal frame. Made from the natural material wood, and cement extracted from Danish mineral resources, the benefit of the panels for the AROSA store include high sound absorption, high durability, breathability, low cost life cycle performance and sustainability.

This has created an aesthetically pleasing and very pleasurable buying experience, further enhanced by a combination of hanging lamps and spotlights integrated into the ceiling.