Distinctive offices

With uninterrupted views of the harbour, the company Enversion A/S is based on the first floor of a new building at Aarhus Marina. In a large, open-plan office, employees work in a light and airy environment designed for both concentrated individual work and team activities.

Troldtekt Enversion
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

The new building blends in well with the picturesque environment with its fish shops, rowing clubs and small wooden sheds. In order not to disrupt the scale, the roof has been designed as three double-pitched roofs. The facades are an attractive combination of black-painted wood and grey Flensburg brick.

The black wooden facade dominates the harbour front, including the top floor, while the pale grey brick constitutes a robust base with a sculptural ‘chimney stack’ marking the corner of the building. At street level, there is a restaurant, which also benefits from the views of Aarhus Docklands, the harbour environment and this quiet part of town.

Blue skies and sea air

The data company Enversion’s premises on the top floor are designed as an open-plan office with a separate lunch room overlooking the water and with views of the coastline to the north and south. Daylight floods into the rooms, and on a warm summer’s day, sea breezes blow in through the large, open windows.

The conference rooms overlook the small street below. The rooms are high-ceilinged, and skylights on the north-facing roofs let in additional daylight while adding atmosphere to the premises as a whole.

To ensure good acoustics in the large open-plan office, all the ceiling surfaces are clad with white-painted Troldtekt, which also reflects the light well. The interior is otherwise simple with solid materials throughout. Ingenious details have been incorporated throughout, such as lighting where the Troldtekt acoustic panels meet the walls as well as inviting window seats.