The Kähler brand inspires

Kähler’s revival is very much a story about passion and a belief in the old brand. The Kähler flagship shop in Aarhus is characterised by its strong sense of connection between the company’s aesthetics and people’s senses.

Troldtekt, Kähler shop
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

Frantz Longhi, an architect and entrepreneur from Aarhus, originally spotted the potential of the Kähler name and bought what was left of the bankrupt ceramics firm. In the space of just a few years, Kähler has won a place for itself in many people’s hearts and not without good reason. New home furnishing products are continually being created by designers such as Louise Campbell, Mette & Barbara Bache and Stilleben, all with a great feeling for attractive Scandinavian-inspired design in both pastels and graphic stripes.

A perfect match in the old shopping street

Kähler’s flagship shop is located in M.P. Bruuns Gade in Aarhus. Further down the street, the distinctive porcelain is in constant use at the Kähler Spisesalon restaurant and also opposite at the Kähler Coffee Station. Kähler also has another restaurant in Aarhus and one in Copenhagen. The Kähler brand is a huge success because it is well-known with a high profile and is being developed by skilled and quality conscious artists.

M.P. Bruuns Gade is one of Aarhus’s oldest shopping streets and Kähler and Friends is a perfect match for the street’s urban character and colourful shopping scene. The shop is an experience in itself, steeped in atmosphere with its beautifully lit porcelain and furnishing ideas with Scandinavian hues.

Several generations ago, the premises housed a butcher’s shop so the original tiled walls and floors have been transformed into the most beautiful backdrop for the delicate porcelain. The black Troldtekt ceiling panels reinforce the inviting feel of the shop interior with good acoustics and a “matt darkness” that goes well with the black and white tiles. In addition, two rows of spotlight have been installed, illuminating the ceramics and turning the ceiling into a unifying, calm and attractive surface.