Scanian inspiration at Microsoft in Lund

Skåne’s open landscape has served as a metaphor for the transition from single rooms to an open-plan office at Microsoft's new office in Edison Park on top of Ideon in Lund. The architects at pS Arkitektur AB have developed a finely tuned colour palette that shifts between subdued, saturated colours and bolder shades on, among other things, chairs and curtains.

Troldtekt Microsoft Lund
Photo: Jason Strong

“The base colours and shapes of the ceiling tiles and floor textiles were inspired by the fields of Skåne in winter,” explains Julia Falås, the architect managing the project at pS Arkitektur AB.

“The earthy shades of brown, grey and beige offer a calm base that is complemented by colourful touches to symbolize what is growing.”

Birgitta Filus has coached her employees during the move from the old to the new open-plan office solution, and she can now assist her software developers, who now work together even more effectively than before. The natural meeting place is the spacious entrance, which is reminiscent of a generously sized hotel lobby. Large sofas offer a contrast to the sleek tables and chairs. The different materials create a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Here you can eat lunch, hold formal and informal meetings alike, play games and gather for happy hour.

The department for the development of Microsoft’s imaging technology for computers, phones and tablets also inspired the architects to design an environment that is reminiscent of how a camera functions. The layout, furnishings and lighting shift between zooming in and out, focusing, reflection and lenses. The intensive work areas contrast against the small and large meeting rooms.

“Our idea was to make a suspended ceiling that stands out with great variety, and with different materials and textures,” emphasises Julia Falås. “Our choice of Troldtekt was inspired by the way in which the panels are reminiscent of the materials and colours of the fields of Skåne, but was also motivated by the need for a comfortable sound environment.”