Dedicated gin distillery in Aarhus

Nothing is left to chance. True passion and curiosity are the driving forces behind the distillation of gin at Njord, which has produced gin since 2014. There is more to gin than meets the eye, and Njord gin is now produced in a special building that, while presenting a number of practical challenges for the company, is architecturally beautiful while offering unique opportunities for producing gin in a listed building.

Troldtekt, Njord Gin Destilleri
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

At Sydhavnen in Aarhus, the port is slowly being transformed from an industrial area into a lively, sustainable environment, and many new businesses have opened their doors here.

‘Kulkransporet’ – the coal crane track – is a project that will contribute enormously to this development. In the former pumping station from 1913, Troels Præst Andersen and Lars Toke Graugaard have opened the Njord Gin distillery, which was established in 2017. The exterior of the building is being renovated, but the interior is a fantastic space with an arched ceiling and large gable windows. Here, a line-up of herbal extracts – the botanicals – testifies to the numerous experiments that take place with different flavours.  Nothing is ever left to chance, and everything is done by hand. It is the only place in Denmark totally dedicated to gin distillation.

The main hall is dominated by ‘Frau Müller’, a massive gin still standing at its centre which is used to distil many varieties of gin.  A balcony running around three sides of the hall is perfect for gin events of different kinds.

Clear contrasts

The interior of the old pumping station is well-preserved with its distinctive tiles and granite details. It is solidly built and ideal for gin production. The distillation process takes place on a raised platform, which was previously used as a water tank.

The new black balcony construction provides a striking contrast to the charming, historic look, and blends in well with the industrial architecture. On the underside of the balcony, white, extremely fine structured Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed as a calm ceiling surface. Acoustically, the Troldtekt panels ensure a better working environment under the balcony, where the gin nerds work with new tastes and the herbs that they collect themselves.

Krads Arkitekter has advised on the interior design, and also designed the Njord Gin Club at the North Side Festival in Aarhus.