Witt unfolds its visions like a fan

The Vision showroom is situated on the shores of the lake Gødstrup Sø, and is where Witt A/S showcases its exclusive solutions. The company’s in-house architect, Anton Christensen, designed the building in the shape of an unfolded Japanese handheld fan.

Troldtekt Witt hvidevarer
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

Witt A/S has built its headquarters on a plot overlooking the lake Gødstrup Sø in central Jutland. The company, which distributes exclusive household appliances throughout the Nordic region, has established its facilities in scenic countryside near Herning. Here, offices, conference rooms, warehousing, a workshop, showrooms, a clinic and a restaurant are all gathered in one place.

– Working in such close proximity forges strong links between the employees, which strengthens the Witt team spirit, and thus creates a good social network which is a very important cornerstone in any business, writes the business on its website.

The Vision showroom was built in 2008. The architect Anton Christensen, who is now almost 89 years old, designed the building in his own unique way to match the company’s visions. Anton Christensen is still the company’s in-house architect.

Lots of light and views of the lake

The 360-square-metre showroom and its adjoining terrace are used for product displays, events and photoshoots. Seen from above, the building resembles an unfolded Japanese handheld fan, and over and above being a visually interesting solution, the fan shape also ensures the optimum influx of light as well as views of the lake from virtually all the rooms.

“In designing Vision, we have gone out of our way to choose exclusive furniture, and the same is true of the lighting, the art and the kitchen appliances. The building is, of course, fitted exclusively with products that we either sell, distribute or produce ourselves,” says Hanne Buur Bækgaard, project coordinator at Witt A/S.

Focus on acoustics

In constructing Vision, the acoustics were a key focus area, as the building is used daily for product displays as well as for hosting events and company visits.

“In addition to wanting the best possible acoustics, we also stressed the importance of having a solution that aesthetically matched the rest of the interiors, and the choice therefore fell on Troldtekt acoustic panels for the ceilings. The light Troldtekt panels complement the high-ceilinged rooms and create – together with the pale terrazzo tiles – a strong sense of continuity throughout the building,” says Hanne Buur Bækgaard.