High ceilings, lots of angles

Just north of Helsingborg in Sweden, Mike and Emmie have built a contemporary open-plan villa with high ceilings. The large, angled ceilings are clad with Troldtekt acoustic panels, giving this beautiful home a comfortable soundscape.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect Jens Dresling/Ritzau Scanpix

Mike and Emmie moved into their new-build villa – which is very much their own project – in early 2020. They prepared the plot themselves, designed the house and did most of the interior work.


An edgy central space with character

As soon as you walk through the front door, the central space of the home draws you in: a large kitchen/family room with a dining area and living room. From here you have access to the other rooms of the house and access to the outside decking area.

The large central room is characterised by simple furnishings and a muted colour scheme. The ceilings are high and cut at various angles, which is a key feature of the architecture and lends edge and character to the space. Through panoramic windows and skylights, natural light floods the space.


Acoustic solution incorporated from the outset

Despite the high ceilings and the tiled floors, the acoustics are comfortable. Mike and Emmie were mindful of incorporating an acoustic solution into the interior design from the outset. Troldtekt acoustic ceilings were selected for their sound-absorbing properties and to add structural variation to the expansive ceilings.

Troldtekt was chosen for practical reasons, too. “Covering the large ceiling surfaces with Troldtekt was quicker than using plasterboard. Also, because of all the different angles, plaster would start to crack very quickly. Using Troldtekt means we don’t have to spend time regularly repairing and filling the ceiling,” Mike says.

Mike loves music and also enjoys the superior acoustics when he turns up the volume on the music system. Following the successful completion of the construction work, he is now devoting his energies to landscaping the garden and constructing a pool. Mike works for his father’s swimming pool construction company, while Emmie runs an interior design business with her sister-in-law and mother-in-law. Mike’s parents live just a few kilometres away in their own dream home, which is also fitted with Troldtekt acoustic ceilings.