Swedish dream home

In Allerum north of Helsingborg, Yvette and Anders Lindell have built a dream home with fantastic acoustics. The ceilings in the open-plan house are clad with acoustic panels from Troldtekt.

Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

As the children had flown the nest, Yvette and Anders decided to build a dream home for themselves. A house that was built entirely according to their needs and wishes – rather than what was most sellable. 

An egoist’s house with charm

 - We call our home ‘the egoist’s house’, says Yvette Lindell with a smile. The lower floor is taken up mainly by a single large high-ceilinged room with a kitchen and living area. There is also an en-suite bedroom with a walk-in closet. Upstairs, there is an additional sitting room, where the couple likes to relax when time permits.

 - We could easily have added another storey, but we opted for a vaulted ceiling instead. We don’t need a lot of extra rooms for guests, because all our children and grandchildren live close by, says Yvette. Just a few minutes’ drive away, the couple’s son Mike and his wife Emmie have built a house, which is also fitted with Troldtekt acoustic panels.

However, Anders and Yvette still have plenty of room for guests. They have built a guest house on their plot, which they rent out. Situated opposite the main house, the guest house helps to create a wonderful outdoor oasis. Anders, who builds swimming pools, has made sure there is one on their doorstep. The swimming pool is right next to the conservatory which, like the guest house, has acoustic panels on the ceiling.

Interior based on warm natural tones

Yvette and Anders’s dream home was designed by Heidi Mikaelsen from the architectural firm Dreams & Coffee AB in Enköping, which specialises in classic and New England-inspired houses. Yvette and Anders like this style, but at the same time have made their own mark on their house and the interior, based on calm natural colours. The décor is also the hallmark of the interior design company Styling By D.E.Y, which Yvette runs together with her daughter Denice and daughter-in-law Emmie.

Styling By D.E.Y handled the interior design of Yvette and Anders’s home. The house has a big Instagram following at @husdrommen.lindell, and Yvette is seeing a considerable interest in Troldtekt acoustic ceilings among her followers.

Yvette originally comes from Brøndby outside Copenhagen, but has lived in Sweden for more than 30 years. She has known about Troldtekt for many years, and insisted on a Troldtekt acoustic solution when they built their dream home.

 - We decided to use Troldtekt acoustic panels instead of plasterboard, explains Yvette.

 - It was our own idea! It creates a more interesting look, and really good acoustics. At the same time, it’s considerably easier to install the panels, as there’s no need for all the filling and sanding that goes with plasterboard ceilings.

Anders and Yvette are extremely happy with the final result, and the outstanding acoustics in their home. Troldtekt panels have also been installed outside at their summer house, as the panels are suitable for outdoor use.