Stunning new build with lake views

North of Jönköping in southern Sweden, the Kilander family have realised their dream of a streamlined home that opens on to the surrounding landscape and with unrivalled views of Lake Bunn. To accentuate the light and Scandinavian style, the couple have chosen Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in natural wood.

Photo: Bara Bild

In spring 2021, the Kilander family started building on a nature plot north of Jönköping, and in January 2021 the property was ready for them to move in. Sited on a steep hill, their new home is only 100 metres from the shores of Lake Bunn, of which it boasts panoramic views from the patio, the kitchen/family room and the living room as well as the bathroom and bedroom.

The Kilander family consists of parents Marcus and Evelina and their four children: Nikolina (17), Molly (15), Stella (11) and Pelle (5).

“We’ve built this wonderful property, which is a timber frame/concrete hybrid construction. The façade is clad in Sioxx-treated spruce panels, while the roof is covered in matt metallic silver sheeting. The property is spread across two staggered floors. A large free-hanging balcony consists of a built-in steel structure and glass sides overlooking the lake,” Marcus Kilander explains, before continuing:

“Our two older children have bedrooms on the ground floor, while we parents sleep with the two slightly younger children upstairs. We have a large open kitchen divided into a dining area and a living area. All interior doors are sliding, which frees up extra space in all rooms. We have a sauna overlooking the lake and adjacent to this an outdoor spa built into the balcony.”

Light colours and nature

Based on their own ideas, Marcus and Evelina commissioned an architect to help realise their plans. Evelina has been responsible for the colour scheme and for many aspects of the décor. The kitchen units and walls are pale beige, while the door frames and the furniture are white, and the style is the same throughout the property.

“Evelina has created a fantastic marriage of colours and forms. The idea has always been for everything to be totally natural – from colours to materials – to harmonise with the wonderful countryside outside our windows,” says Marcus Kilander.

And to tie in with that line of thinking, Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural wood was the obvious choice.

“The plan was always to have Troldtekt acoustic panels. I work with acoustics business myself, so I know Troldtekt’s products well. Walking into our home is a wonderful feeling – the acoustics are excellent, and it’s beautiful. People who come here for the first time are always asking about the ceiling. We are absolutely delighted with our choice.