Wood-clad new home surrounded by nature

René Kaack and his family built their dream house on an enormous wild-growing plot in Lunderskov. They have chosen the stylish design solution Troldtekt line in black for the combined kitchen/dining and living room, giving the house a unique look.

Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

René Kaack and his family have built a new house in the Danish town of Lunderskov, west of Kolding in Jutland. They took over the land in October 2018 and demolished the old house – a deceased estate. A new house built to match their wishes was ready for them to move into in summer 2020.

“We chose this site because it is in a rural zone and stands a bit apart. My wife, Karina, saw a post on Facebook. We quickly made an offer, and then got stuck into preparing drawings and applying for a building permit. We have a lot of experience with this by now,” says René Kaack, who is a carpenter with his own business. He adds:

“My wife and I have renovated six houses together. We sold them afterwards, as we quickly got bored once the projects were complete. Fortunately, we both really like the building process and have the same taste.”

However, the home in Lunderskov is unlikely to be replaced anytime soon, as their six-year-old daughter, Frida, is due to start school, and they also have family nearby, notes René Kaack.

A house that blends in well with nature

The Kaack family’s new plot is a huge 15,000 square metres, of which the house occupies just under 200 square metres. Half of the land is field area and the rest is a garden, where there used to be a number of tall trees. These were felled to create a better spot for the new house with more sun. However, the family has since planted 200 new trees.

The couple did not feel that a rendered or brick house would be a good match for a wild-growing plot. They therefore clad the outer walls of the house with heat-treated spruce, which can handle any weather conditions. 130 square metres of patio adjoin the house. Inside, the house consists of a combined kitchen/dining room and living room, a bathroom, a master bedroom and three other rooms.

Exquisite details

René and Karina Kaack’s interior design choices do not include many standard solutions, as they like to do things their own way.

“We agreed that we didn’t to want live the same way as a million other people, with everything in black and white. We find inspiration on Pinterest, and as a tradesman I get to see a lot of different solutions,” says René Kaack.

The bathroom is lined with microcement, which René handled himself. In addition to its attractive appearance, microcement provides a hard-wearing surface and avoids the need for grouting. The living room features an oak veneer alcove, and a wine rack is being built using the same material. The concrete foundations make up the floor – it has simply been sanded and lacquered.

Black ceilings unify the home

In the heart of the house – the combined kitchen/dining room and living room – black-painted Troldtekt line acoustic ceilings have been installed. Classic white Troldtekt acoustic ceilings have been used in the bathroom and the bedrooms.

“We were always going to use Troldtekt acoustic panels, but we didn’t know about the Troldtekt line series with the longitudinal grooves until my wife happened to talk to a carpenter about them. We think it’s a great-looking solution. And our visitors agree,” says René Kaack. He adds:

“Many people said it would be like a cave with black acoustic panels. And I do get some crazy ideas, but this one was a good one. The result is excellent – both with the improved acoustics and aesthetically.”