Award-winning home with ‘hygge’, history and fjord views

For Peter Thomsen and his family, their dream home has become a reality. Their new home boasts uninterrupted views of Kolding Fjord – on a plot that previously belonged to Peter Thomsen’s grandparents. To support the style of the house and ensure superior acoustics, the couple chose Troldtekt acoustic panels.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in private home
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

It took nine months to complete the dream home on Fjordvejen in Kolding for Peter Thomsen, Katja Bogetoft and their blended family of four children, all of whom moved in in December 2019. And they are not alone in their enthusiasm for their home. In fact, its has won the Municipality of Kolding Architecture Award, as well as the People’s Favourite award.

The house was built on Peter Thomsen’s grandparents’ land, which he was fortunate enough to take over when his grandfather passed away three years ago. Peter himself grew up a little further down the road.

“I’ve always known that I would come back here eventually. Initially, we were thinking about renovating the old house, but we soon found that it was a hopeless task. So we contacted Baks Arkitekter, who designed the shell, while we have then taken more charge of the interior design ourselves.

Industrial meets warmth

The couple were concerned that their new home should fit in with the rest of the area architecturally. As the house is new and has concrete floors and brick walls, it was important to Peter and Katja that the raw look be softened, in particular through the use of wood, to create warmth and a sense of ‘hygge’.

“When we spoke to Baks Architects, Katja and I both said the same thing at exactly the same time: We want an ambience of ‘hygge’. We also wanted to make the most of the fjord views. Materials are also very important for me, and we have chosen only the best of the best.

Wood plays quite a prominent role in the interior architecture, for example in the form of a massive staircase to the first floor that connects with a built-in closet, as well as a kitchen island.

Troldtekt matches the wall colour

With concrete floors and four little boys aged 9-12, everyday living can naturally result in challenging noise levels.

“I can’t stand the sort of echoing resonance you sometimes get. Luckily, we’ve got it under control with Troldtekt acoustic panels. We looked at different solutions, but we went for Troldtekt because it had the best and most aesthetic appearance. We like the rustic look of the acoustic ceiling,” says Peter Thomsen.

And they have no regrets about their choice.

“We can feel a huge positive difference. We don’t have acoustic panels on the vaulted ceilings on first floor, and the acoustics there are quite different,” says Peter Thomsen.

The couple chose to have the Troldtekt acoustic panels painted in the same light grey custom colour as the brick walls and doors. The windowsills are black to create contrast.