Modern wooden house in the heart of nature

The Alm family built their dream home in Kungälv almost all by themselves, creating a wooden house that invites sun and nature inside. To create a serene, harmonious atmosphere, they installed black-painted Troldtekt acoustic ceilings.

Inspiration for acoustic solution with ceilings from Troldtekt in private home
Photo: Bara Bild

The Alm family – Kristofer, Sanna and their children, Sigfrid, six, and Ebba, four – live in Kungälv, north of Gothenburg, Sweden.

They love to open up their home to host intimate dinners for friends and family, but it took time to find the right place to build their dream home, explains Kristofer Alm.

“We had wanted to build the house for several years, but we couldn’t find just the right plot. Fortunately, we found this place. However, it took time to decide on the architecture of the house. We designed a total of three very different houses, but it was the third alternative that felt right.

The house was designed by architect Sara Bärlingwith the help of Oscar Kunzl. You can follow the Alm family’s house project on their Instagram profile @villa.alm.

Functional and welcoming

The villa is a two-storey, 264 sqm wooden house with large windows, which let in optimal daylight and provide views of mountains and the surrounding forest.

“The sun determined the design and placement of the house. We also wanted to create a certain functional feeling with the design aesthetic. But it was essential that the house feels welcoming to everyone who walks in the door,” says Kristofer Alm.

Visible wood has been inspiring to the couple and it plays an important role in the house, such as the pine flooring. With the help of friends, Kristofer and Sanna built most everything themselves.

Black acoustic ceiling has a calming effect

Kristofer and Sanna had heard about Troldtekt from both the carpenters and the architect, and they went out to look at a house with Troldtekt acoustic panels.

“We immediately thought it would be much nicer than plaster. And the acoustics also played a major role. You could really feel how much the acoustic panels actually reduced the sound level,” he says, adding:

“Many of our guests make positive comments about our Troldtekt ceiling, both that it is black, but also its pleasant acoustics despite the large surfaces. Three other families we know have also chosen to have Troldtekt installed after visiting us.

Why did you choose black acoustic panels?

“We thought it would create a pleasant and serene feeling in the house, and it did,” Kristofer Alm says.

What do you think of the result?

“We love it!”