A Unique Space

Once the family had the blueprints ready for their future holiday home, they put a lot of thought into how to combine the materials. This results in a beautiful holiday home where wood and Troldtekt acoustic ceilings add pleasant personality to the house.

Acoustic ceilings from Troldtekt in holiday home
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, arkitekt Jens Dresling/Ritzau Scanpix

Nature has moved a little closer to the family, which appreciates the sea and healthy hikes. At Ebeltoft, they have built a new holiday home where nature both surrounds and graces the interior of the house itself.

Wood was an obvious material to choose, as the client is a qualified carpenter and structural designer who works at the Vallentin Haugland drawing office in Horsens.

The holiday home was built as two juxtaposed wings with sloping roofs. The wings form a splendid sunroom with a patio and space for outdoor activities. One wing is laid out with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and an entryway. The patio can also be accessed from the hallway.

All rooms are wood-panelled and exude a sense of wood’s surface and delicate tactility, particularly in the hallway.

Heart of the home

As in most holiday homes, a multipurpose living room with kitchen is the primary living space. In this holiday home, it is in some ways a proper room, but with small alcoves for a wood-burning stove and a deep windowsill on which to sit.

Troldtekt was selected as the ceiling material throughout the home as it goes well with the other materials and enhances the rooms’ acoustics, despite the hard floors.

The client explains that he also chose Troldtekt for its visual qualities, and the design solution ‘Troldtekt line’ seemed perfect for the living room because it accentuates the character of the space.

The ceiling is set off as two contiguous surfaces, as the ceiling extends up to the ridge. Also, Troldtekt line forms a beautiful contrast to the organic walls of wood, which is experienced as a decoration of the rooms.