A Zunshine home on the water

Houseboats often conjure up images of dilapidated, DIY-refurbished commercial vessels. But a houseboat at Vejle marina is an elegant alternative. What makes the Zunshine Living 114 Unique houseboat so unusual is that it resembles a normal home.

Troldtekt, Zunshine Living houseboat
Photo: Zunshine Living

Peter Poulsen, Zunshine Living’s Director of Sales and Marketing has designed and planned the 103-square-metre, energy-efficient all-year houseboat. He has manned stands at several boat shows – but never before experienced such unfiltered enthusiasm as has been aroused by the architecture, design and efficient interior layout of the Zunshine houseboat. 

The houseboat is built in a minimalist, Nordic style to match Vejle marina’s maritime, raw environment. The glass facade in the living room and the many hours spent tweaking the room layout to perfection have resulted in a fantastic sense of space. However, it is the houseboat’s double sliding doors that connect the living room and terrace that take visitors’ breath away.

“The houseboat feels far larger than it appears from the outside. The external walls are particularly thin due to the special insulation used, and also the living room’s glass facade overlooking the water takes up less space than a wall, while also ensuring a light and airy interior,” says Peter Poulsen.

Peter Poulsen goes on to mention that the houseboat’s internal living area of 103 square metres would require 11 square metres more if it was built as a traditional brick property on land. 

Ceiling combines elegant interior with raw exterior

From the very outset of planning the houseboat, Peter Poulsen had his mind set on Troldtekt acoustic ceilings. Today, the houseboat has a white ceiling in extreme fine structure, which from a distance can almost be mistaken for felt wall covering. Peter Poulsen is very impressed with the pleasantness of the sound which the Troldtekt ceiling adds to the houseboat, and how effectively the panels dampen the sound.

“It’s amazing how the reverberation remains the same regardless of whether the houseboat is completely empty or packed with enthusiastic visitors. The ceiling also contributes to the beautiful interior, in this houseboat really enhancing the elegant and raw look, while beautifully integrating the stunning floor, the deck area and the surrounding harbour environment,” says Peter Poulsen.

The floating all-year houseboat Zunshine Living 114 is available in three models. The size of the houseboat is the same in each case, while the layout and the number of rooms varies. The houseboat is priced from DKK 2.2 million (excl. delivery costs). The square metre price is thus significantly lower than for homes on land with similar views – in addition to which there is no land tax or property tax to pay for life on the water.