Modernised school with safe learning environment

Following major renovation work, the Johan Skytteskolan school in southern Stockholm now has a new sports hall as well as an extension where home bases have been created for each year group. The focus of the project has been to create a safe and sustainable learning environment for the future.

Photo: Bara Bild

Johan Skytteskolan in Stockholm is a school for Years 0-9. The construction project was completed in 2019, and a new new school building for Years 0-6 was ready for use. In 2020, a new sports hall was also completed in addition to the existing two sports halls that have been modernised.

Cedervall Arkitekter designed the sports hall, while Stadion Arkitekter is behind the new extension and the modernisation of the school.

A home base

The school’s new building is divided into home bases for each year group (approx. 400 sqm). Each home base consists of two classrooms of about 60 square metres and a communal room of 175 square metres, as well as smaller group rooms and toilet facilities.

A home base is like a school within the school. The teachers are never far away as their preparation area is close to where the children are. The increased adult presence during the school day is reassuring for the children. Moreover, Johan Skytteskolan is shoe-free, which means that all the pupils take off their shoes before making their way to their home base – which helps to create a homely feeling.

The new school building also consists of a kitchen and a large canteen as well as a music hall, a wood and textile workshop, a multi-purpose hall and a library. The rooms vary in size to allow for flexible teaching formats and to make it possible for the teachers to work with different learning environments and group sizes.

Modern sports halls

Johan Skytteskolan’s two older sports halls have now been modernised, and a new sports hall has been added. When not used for activities during school hours, associations can rent the sports hall in the evenings and at weekends.

In all three sports halls and in the adjacent changing rooms, white-painted Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed on the ceilings. In addition to absorbing noise, Troldtekt acoustic panels meet the requirements for use in sports halls as they are naturally strong and thus capable of withstanding hard ball impacts.