Good indoor climate, perfect acoustics and an abundance of colour

Highly successful conversion of teaching facilities for years 7-9 at Nordagerskolen on Funen, Denmark.

Sound-absorbing Troldtekt acoustic panels in school buildings
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, arkitekt

The town of Ringe is located just south of Odense. Over the past seven years, the local state school has undergone significant refurbishment with architect Charlotte Folke as consultant. The latest conversion was of the east-facing wing, which houses years 7-9, and the stunning result was ready for occupation in August 2019.

The conversion was planned in close collaboration between architects and users, i.e. the school board as well as teachers and pupils. Workshops were held with all parties involved, and this dialogue has helped to shape what is now a highly functional teaching environment. The pupils have also had a say in the project and made special requests for elements such as lockers for their personal belongings. The colourful metal lockers have become an important ingredient in a school day filled with many different activities.

The school building for years 7-9 is a two-storey structure with unobstructed views of the lake Ringe Sø. A finely detailed walkway has been established under the large roof overhang to serve as a climate screen, as a space for spending breaks outdoors and as a workspace when the weather permits.

Interiors with edge and quality

The classrooms have been converted into dedicated specialist classrooms, which means that the pupils now move between and are taught in classrooms which are specially designed for their various subjects. Flexibility was prioritised in the interior design, and there is a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere throughout the wing.

Each dedicated specialist classroom is designed with space for plenary instruction and knowledge sharing as well as group work. During breaks, students spend time in communal environments specially designed for young people outside the classrooms, environments that are also used for group work. Bold colours throughout go well with the raw, old walls. Headmaster Per Fuglsang Midtgaard says:

“We have gained a significantly better teaching environment through effective sound-absorbing solutions in corridors and in all our classrooms. In addition, a really good ventilation system has been installed, which has also significantly improved the indoor climate. We have black Troldtekt acoustic panels on many walls, and together with the pale wooden strips we have a very robust absorber that doesn’t get damaged through daily use.”

Architect Charlotte Folke is also pleased with the results achieved through the extensive use of Troldtekt:

“I chose cement-bonded wood wool because I wanted the same material on both ceilings and walls. And Troldtekt has a robustness that is perfect for a modern school environment such as the one here at Nordagerskolen.