Re-envisaged school

The original 1974 building for Peder Lykke School on Amager, Copenhagen was a rational and robust brick-built structure. The project has been nominated for the 2020 school building of the year, as both the refurbishment and new building were carried out under great respect for the existing school.

Sound-absorbing Troldtekt acoustic panels in school buildings
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect Jens Dresling/Ritzau Scanpix

The red brick school has a harmonious appearance and its structure continues to work well. The common areas near classrooms have been modernised and furnished in wood, with improved acoustics and lighting.

These new features highlight the school’s original qualities, while the acoustics and lighting, particularly in all classrooms, have been enhanced. Acoustics are crucial to the refurbishment, as there are no doors to the classrooms in this open school environment.

In addition to perforated wood panels on the walls, the white Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceilings are robust being made of materials such as wood and cement.

Contrasting materials
The backbone of Peder Lykke School – the hallway leading to special-subject rooms and a 1½ floor after-school centre – has been strikingly changed. The architectural firm Nøhr & Sigsgaard has infused the rooms with a more exciting and transparent character – particularly in terms of daylight – featuring window sections under the mezzanine floor and windows opening onto the hallway.

The skylights have been enlarged, and the beams have been exposed. Wood and brick still dominate the décor and are now enhanced by additional wood and white Troldtekt ceiling panels.

A wing has been added to the school with special-subject rooms and particular focus on food and health. The new wing is where students eat lunch. Troldtekt acoustic panels in the colour natural wood are used in this wing as it provides a friendly contrast to the white wall surfaces and large window sections.