The large suspended roof

Swimming pool helps kickstart the Frederikssund Idrætsby sports centre

Ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in swimming pool
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, arkitekt

In principle, the recipe for a modern swimming pool in 2020 is rather simple: Build a large suspended roof with no visually disruptive columns. Add changing rooms, some office space and plenty of advanced engineering. Then take a million litres of water and pour it into four different pools. Once the water has warmed up sufficiently, it’s ready to serve to pro and amateur athletes as well as families with children.

Frederikssund Swimming Pool stands in solitary majesty on a hilltop just east of the city. The building is the first in a series of facilities which in a few years will constitute the new sports centre. The large volume of the swimming pool is built into the terrain and appears to emerge from the hill with its immense glass walls and suspended roof. The clean, taut lines and the flat roof profile thus serve to highlight the soft curves of the Sillebro Ådal landscape.

Melding indoors and outdoors

The large main room can be viewed in its entirety from the balcony attached to the foyer. There is a 25 x 25 metre pool for competitions and a heated pool reserved for children and training. There is also a smaller counter-current pool for technical training and rehabilitation. The large glass walls provide a strong connection with the surrounding nature, and the varying daylight is an important element of the architectural experience.

In the large hall, Troldtekt acoustic panels in the colour natural wood have been installed on the wall surfaces. In addition to their noise-reducing qualities, the panels also create visual calm with their consistent horizontal lines and complete formats. The sand-coloured surfaces also bring a warm tone to the hall, which harmonises beautifully with the blue shades of the pools.

The wellness pool is situated in its very own contemplative space. Here, the colour of the lighting can be changed and unique ambiences achieved depending on preference and mood. A black Troldtekt acoustic ceiling with integrated LED lighting forms a beautiful starry sky above the pool, which also offers unobstructed views to the north.

Troldtekt was also selected as an acoustic-regulating material in the foyer. Here, the ceilings have been clad in cement-bonded wood wool in natural wood colour. In general, a serious focus was brought to implementing sustainable solutions throughout the building. The swimming pool is heated by a combination of air-water heat pumps and natural gas as well as solar cells. In addition, a very large proportion of heat recovery is utilised and the condensed water from the ventilation system is collected and recycled for purposes including toilet flushing and watering the adjacent football pitches.