Læsø Spa Resort

Læsø is a remote island in the Kattegat Sea. Since the Middle Ages, salt has been harvested here. It is the foundation of the whole idea behind the new Læsø Spa because salt is well-known to alleviate some skin symptoms. Architects Friis & Moltke’s visionary proposal was to tear down most of a redundant church and create something new.

Troldtekt, Læsø Spa Resort
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect

The architects comment:

“The project was inspired by the harsh nature of Læsø as well as its surrounding areas and the more humble location of the church. The project does not alter the view of Vesterø towards the sea but it excites curiosity because the most dramatic part of the church – the tower –  has been retained.”

 “In contrast to the open and wild landscape, we have tried to create a different atmosphere inside the spa. The reflection of the water plus the natural texture and welcoming character of wood all help to create a soft and lively atmosphere. The  central pool space has a high ceiling, while in the wellness and health department a lower ceiling height creates a more intimate and private atmosphere. The orientation and flow of the building is emphasised by windows along the raised central part of the building. Here, light pours in, especially through the large glass section and its view of the sand dunes.”

The ceilings are covered in wooden fillets with a relatively large space between them, behind which black painted Troldtekt panels can be seen. Architect MAA Kenneth Thuesen Arboe comments on the use of cement-bonded wood wool:

“We  chose black Troldtekt panels because of their acoustic properties and  the contrast of their  raw structure behind the sophisticated  fillet ceiling. These two materials, wood and cement-bonded wood wool, go very well together. They complement each other and are easy to work with and affordable.”