Passion for dancing and good acoustics

Let’s Dance dance school moved into new premises in spring 2019 following an extensive renovation. Troldtekt was the natural choice to ensure good acoustics in the bright and inviting setting, which is now home to a wide range of dance activities.

Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

Let’s Dance is housed in two rectangular buildings in a central location in Viby near Aarhus – in pleasant, rural surroundings. The dance school aims to provide a setting for virtually all genres, levels and age groups. There is something for everyone who loves to dance – from children’s dancing, ballet and jazz to breakdance, modern dance and couples dancing.

“While the aim at Let’s Dance is to teach people to dance, there must also be room to relax and socialise,” says owner Marianne Eihilt.

This is evident in the interior design, where a lot of effort has gone into the arrival and bar area. After dance class, participants can sit back and enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of organic coffee at the round café tables or on the soft poufs. Parents and grandparents can also relax and wait here while their children and grandchildren dance.

Did their own interior design

The atmospheric bar is located on the ground floor, between the two spacious dance halls. There is glass in the doors to these, so people can watch what is happening as they wait outside.

“We renovated the rooms ourselves, and chose all the furniture, floors and Troldtekt acoustic ceilings before moving in,” says Marianne Eihilt.

“Inside the halls, the vital elements are mirrors, lighting, sturdy floors and a ceiling that ensures good acoustics. While we want people to be comfortable as they sit and watch, the most important thing is that the dance rooms function well when teaching. That’s what people come here for.”

Troldtekt was the natural choice

There has also been an emphasis in the dance halls on small but important details. Beautiful dance scenes and positive quotes on the walls help create a pleasant atmosphere. When teaching dance, good acoustics are essential. The acoustics are just as important as the dance floor. These were therefore the two top priorities in the interior design of the premises.

“It’s no good if there is reverberation or echo. If people can’t hear what is being said, they focus on this instead of on learning. The music is also often loud during the lessons. But the acoustics are equally important when teaching without music. It’s important that the words don’t get drowned out by a long reverberation time,” says Marianne Eihilt.

In addition to its premises in Viby, Let’s Dance has two more locations in Randers and Risskov, north of Aarhus. These sites also handle the acoustics using Troldtekt ceilings.

“We know they work. It was therefore a natural choice to also line the ceilings in the dance halls and common areas with Troldtekt acoustic panels in the new premises in Viby,” says Marianne Eihilt.