Modern multi-purpose arena with carefully considered details

Stenungsund Arena is a dynamic sports centre and meeting place in southern Sweden.

Photo: Thorn Creative Agency

The arena has evolved into a modern sports complex which merges with the surrounding parkland to create an excellent area for recreation.

The new arena houses facilities for a wide range of sports under one roof including an ice rink with room for 1,000 spectators, a bowling alley, fitness facilities, a restaurant and a swimming pool with good acoustics and high windows.

Briefly put: the perfect place to meet for local talents and recreational athletes alike.

Where two parts meet

Stenungsund Arena actually consists of an old and a new part. The old part of the complex is a red-brick building from the 1970s, while the new structure is distinguished by open and stately architecture. A new foyer street in the middle of the complex neatly links the two parts.

The overarching aesthetic is definitely interesting and carefully considered. For example, the design idiom of the building generates clear associations with blocks of ice and tree trunks – an aspect reflected in particular in the foyer street and the building’s window section. Also, in the swimming hall the idiom defined for the complex plays a clear role. The acoustic solution chosen here conveys the appropriate aesthetic expression while efficiently damping down the high levels of noise that are typically generated in swimming halls.

The walls and ceiling of the facility have been clad in Troldtekt acoustic panels to provide effective sound absorption. Depending on the specific area, the colours used are White 101, Natural wood and Natural grey. With a fine 1.5 mm wood wool structure, the acoustic panels not only meet the specification of requirements, but also provide a natural complement to the aesthetic ambitions.