Vilsbiburg Sports Hall, Germany

For the “Red Ravens”, as the Vilsbiburg volleyball players are affectionately known by their fans, the wait for the first home game in the new sports hall was longer than scheduled. But the multi-purpose sports hall in the Lower-Bavarian town is now ready for them to use.

Troldtekt, Vilbisburg Sports Hall
Photo: Tommy Kosior & Olaf Wiechers

The requirements set by the German Volleyball League were responsible for ensuring that this volleyball stronghold in the district of Landshut would receive a new sports hall. This is because the German Volleyball League standard stipulates minimum dimensions for international ball sports competitions. At a length of 71 metres, 54 metres wide and 16.4 metres high, the arena, which can house up to 2,000 spectators, complies with these requirements and is now the new home of the German Volleyball League team, but also home to the basketball team and to other sports.

The sports hall, built in the centre of Vilsbiburg, can be seen from quite a distance. With its strictly symmetrically designed façade made from Siberian larch, and its grey-coloured mineral plaster finish, the multi-purpose sports hall sits atop an elevation close to the sports park. The use of external walls, made of timber panels, with a high heat insulation capability, as well as a photovoltaic and solar thermal system, and the hall’s own cogeneration unit all form part of the environmentally-friendly design put forward by the customer (Town of Vilsbiburg) and the architect, ARGE Jäger Jäger Sehlhoff.

Inside, the arena offers a comfortable viewing area for 2,000 spectators, with a seating capacity of 1,342. The wide span roof construction made from steel lattice beams also houses the hall lighting. The walls were furnished using Troldtekt acoustic panels with an ultrafine surface in colour RAL 2010 white. They do not only provide a pleasant atmosphere, but also ensure optimum acoustics in the large hall.