Vibrant swimming fun in Pfälzer Bergland

A trip to Kusel in southwestern Rhineland-Palatinate lands you in the second smallest district town in Germany with a population of just over 5000. Despite its modest size, the town has much to offer. Located in the beautiful Pfälzer Bergland [Palatinate Uplands], Lichtenberg Castle is approximately four kilometres from the town centre. At 425 metres long, it is Germany’s largest castle ruin.

Ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in swimming pool
Photo: Diplomingeniør Olaf Wiechers, arkitekt

Another attraction, which is also a major factor for the region, is the municipality’s own swimming and leisure centre in the town. The town recently invested several million euros to guarantee the upkeep of this centre. The result is a state-of-the-art, vividly coloured vitality pool that visitors of all ages will enjoy.

Since the mid-1980s, Kusel’s largest leisure facility has been the place to go for competitive swimmers, families and tourists alike. Following the refurbishment of the structure, technical services and energy supply, the pool shines in new splendour, complies with state-of-the-art standards, is completely barrier-free and promises the best in bathing and recreational pleasure.

In addition to the renovation of the existing activity pool, the learner pool and the swimming pool, a completely new children’s area with many fascinating water features was created. The WC facilities and changing rooms as well as the wellness area have also been rebuilt, offering visitors ample space and comfort, both inside and out.

The new building boasts large glass facades and fits perfectly into the expansive and harmoniously designed outdoor area. The inside of the vitality pool is flooded with light and floor tiles in warm brown tones have been combined with bright concrete elements on the walls. Green and white mosaic tiles in the large swimming pool and colourful ceilings that stretch throughout the entire complex create an inviting, warm atmosphere.

Troldtekt acoustic ceiling panels in green, pink, purple, turquoise and orange not only stand out with their appealing design, they also guarantee optimal acoustics in the Kusel vitality pool thanks to reduced reverberation times.