Design ceilings used in unique interior

A raw concrete setting has been styled using exclusive products in the UniqueRoom furniture, interior design and art store. There is only room here for design that stands out from the crowd – and that is why the owner chose Troldtekt design solutions.

The UniqueRoom furniture, interior design and art store in Copenhagen is laid out as a home with a kitchen, bathroom, living rooms and hallway. The style is so uncompromisingly exclusive that it inspires the dreams of architects and design-conscious homeowners alike. The furniture has been flown in from distant continents. There is latte art in the customer coffee and art from Denmark’s greatest painters.

“Solutions become exciting when the designer has thought outside the box, and when there is synergy between function, quality, design and price. Our interior designs must have a look that makes people think ‘wow’,” says Nicolai Højgaard, co-owner of UniqueRoom.

“Many homes have concrete or completely white walls, which create an anonymous and cold setting. This places demands on the things we fill the rooms with. I focus on materials, and I think wood is an exciting material to work with. It’s living and organic, and therefore contributes warmth and soul that can create interesting synergies with hard surfaces,” he adds.

Creates long lines in the rooms

UniqueRoom has Troldtekt ceilings installed, because the concrete shell results in a poor sound environment. Nicolai Højgaard was looking for an elegant acoustic solution, and chose the Troldtekt® line design solution for one of the four rooms in the store.

“I am fascinated by Troldtekt line, because the design adds long lines to the room, which is just fantastic. These give the room more length and depth than it would otherwise have. And you also get outstanding acoustics,” says Nicolai Højgaard.

“Many of my customers are quite taken by the design ceiling and want to know more. They are often working on building projects and therefore have a focus on how to create good acoustics. Everyone wants their home to be a place where you want to spend time. This is what’s in focus when I help people with interior design,” says Nicolai Højgaard.


Furniture, interior design and art store in Copenhagen, Denmark

Troldtekt products:  
Ceiling panels: Troldtekt and Troldtekt line
Colour: Natural grey and Black 207
Structure: Ultrafine (1.0 mm wood wool)
Edge: Square edge, K0
Installation: With Troldtekt screws

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